Sebiascor Ebongrave

Lord Commander


“It is by the machinations of the enemy that we are brought low,
that we find defeat when victory was assured. It is by the works of the xenos that our honest and Throne-given right to rule the stars is challenged… but not by any xenos. It is not the savage beast clawing at our walls that threatens us so, but those xenos who can speak with our words and whose lies infiltrate our dreams and subvert our goals. Only through absolute vigilance and the perfect purity of hate, can our dreams and intentions be made incorruptible, immune to the malediction of xenos promises, and only through their extinction can we find freedom from their taint.”

–Sebiascor Ebongrave, Lord Commander of the Canis Salient, addressing the Salient general staff

The burden of command weighs heavy upon some, though few would deign to admit such weakness. Sebiascor Ebongrave is a telling example of this, with his increasing paranoia and the brutal purges he has initiated proving to be just as detrimental to the Canis Salient’s progress as secessionist and xenophile terrorism have been. In his unwillingness to compromise his war against the Tau in order to properly confront the Tyranid encroachment into the Canis Salient, he has ordered the executions of dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of senior Adepts and high-ranking Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy officers, made a score of political enemies, and unknowingly hindered operations sanctioned by Lord Militant Tetrarchus.

Ebongrave’s steadfast—and some claim, insane—refusal to so much as relent in his onslaught against the Tau has more than once proven detrimental to the Achilus Crusade, and his paranoid loathing has caused him to perceive the insidious hand of the Tau at work in every setback, every challenge to his command and every operation undertaken without his authority. In particular, the Inquisition and the Deathwatch are a source of unending frustration for Ebongrave, for they are utterly beyond his control and seem to operate with a complete disregard for his war. All that said, while he distrusts them immensely, he can be supportive of Deathwatch operations from time to time, if they involve the extermination of Tau forces or Tau sympathisers. As a result he has cultivated an effective working relationship with Watch Captain Scarion, who Ebongrave views as an honourable warrior who knows how things should be done, much to the amusement of the politically savvy Scarion.


Sebiascor Ebongrave

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