Epistolary Axineton is a Librarian of the White Consuls Chapter who has only recently come to serve in the Jericho Reach. Lean-featured, dark-haired, and possessing a grimly superior demeanour, Axineton is caustic and blunt to his peers. Never does he allow a flaw that he perceives rest unmentioned, nor a failing unpunished, and his manner has created a reputation for sneering arrogance and pedantry among some. Despite this, he is a warrior of unquestionable ability and a psyker of great power; a power that he can wield with the subtlety of a torturer’s razor or the brute force of an executioner’s axe. As a past veteran of war against the Tyranid menace, he has already provided valuable insight for his peers.

Axineton has been fascinated by the secret nature of the Deathwatch’s mission in the Jericho Reach since learning of it, and his hungry mind has devoured all he can of the lore and history of the Omega Vault. He is a constant, but often silent, presence during gatherings of the Chamber of Vigilance, sometimes speaking only to condemn.



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