Servius Marius Scaeva

Ultramarine Tactical Marine/Chaplain

Demeanor Chapter Demeanor History Renown
Ambitious Honour the Codex Endured the Waagh! Distinguished (47)
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
45 45 40 40 40 45 45 55 60
8 8
Wounds Fate Corruption Insanity Move
22 4 2 4 5/10/15/30
Skill (Stat: Rank) Abilities & Talents
Acrobatics (AGL: X) Do not suffer Blood Loss (SM Imp)
Awareness (PER: ½••)+20 No PER penalties for lack of sleep (SM Imp)
Barter (PER: X) +20 T vs Ingested Poisons (SM Imp)
Blather (FEL: X) Reroll failed T vs drowning/asphyxiation (SM Imp)
Carouse (T: ½) +30 T vs Gases and gain free Reroll (SM Imp)
Charm (FEL: ½•) May enter Suspended Animation (SM Imp)
Chem-Use (INT: X) Reroll failed tests vs posions, toxins, and Toxic Quality (SM Imp)
Climb (S: ½) Detect poison/toxin by taste (SM Imp)
Command (FEL: ½•••)+10 +10 Tracking vs any subject the marine has tasted (SM Imp)
Concealment (AGL: ½•) Reroll failed T vs temperature extremes (SM Imp)
Contortionist (AGL: ½) Spit Acid as ranged action (SM Imp)
Deceive (FEL: ½•) Prognoids recovered with Medicae Test (SM Imp)
Demolitions (INT: X) While in Power Armour, no hit bonus is granted due to Size (SM Imp)
Disguise (INT: X) Ambidextrous (SM)
Dodge (AGL: ½•) Astartes Weapon Training (SM)
Evaluate (INT: ½) Bulging Biceps (SM)
Gamble (PER: ½) Heightened Senses(Hearing) (SM)
Inquiry (FEL: ½) Heightened Senses(Sight) (SM)
Interrogation (WP: X) Killing Strike (SM)
Intimidate (S: ½•)+10 Nerves of Steel (SM)
Invocation (WP: X) Quick Draw (SM)
Lip Reading (PER: X) Resistance(Psychic Powers) (SM)
Literacy (INT: X•) True Grit (SM)
Logic (INT: ½) Unarmed Master (SM)
Medicae (INT: X) Unnatural Strength(x2) (SM)
Psyniscience (PER: X) Unnatural Toughness(x2) (SM)
Scrutiny (PER: ½•) Tactical Mastery (TAC)
Search (PER: ½•) Duty Unto Death (UM)
Security (AGL: X) Hatred(Orks) (PE)
Shadowing (AGL: X) Signature Wargear(Storm Bolter) (SM)
Silent Move (AGL: ½•) Talented(Command) (UM)
Sleight of Hand (AGL: X) Mighty Shot (DW)
Survival (INT: X) Hip Shooting (DW)
Swim (S: ½) Air Of Authority (UM)
Tech-Use (INT: X) Marksman (TAC)
Tracking (INT: X•)+10 Rapid Reload (TAC)
Wrangling (INT: X) Exemplar of Honour (UM)
Ciphers(Chapter) (INT: X•) Rapid Reaction (SM)
Ciphers(Deathwatch) (INT: X•) Advanced Specialty: Chaplain (CHA)
Common(Adeptes Astartes) (INT: X•) Fearsome Presence (CHA)
Common(Deathwatch) (INT: X•) Fearless (CHA)
Common(Eccles) (INT: X•) Hatred(Tyranids) (CHA)
Common(Imp Guard) (INT: X•) Litany of Hate (CHA)
Common(Imp Navy) (INT: X•)
Common(Imperium) (INT: X•)
Common(War) (INT: X•)
Drive(Ground) (INT: X•)
Forbidden(Adeptus Astartes) (AGL: X•)
Forbidden(Primarchs) (INT: X•)
Forbidden(Xenos) (INT: X•)
Navigation(S: urface) (INT: X•)
Navigation(Void) (INT: X•)
Scholastic(Codex) (INT: X•)
Scholastic(Imp Creed) (INT: X•)
Tactics(Assault) (INT: X•)
Tactics(Recon & Surveil) (INT: X•)
Tactics(Void) (INT: X•)
The Armour of Proculus Castus
Roll Location Armour Rating
01-10 Head Skull Helm 9
11-20 Right Arm Mk III Iron 9
21-30 Left Arm Mk VII Aquila 8
31-70 Body Mk VII Aquila 10
71-85 Right Leg Mk VII Aquila 8
86-00 Left Leg Mk VII Aquila 8
Special Force Field Rosarius (OL: 01) 50
Power Armour Abilities
+20 S
Dark Sight
Immune to Photon Flash, Stun Grenades
Called Shot is 1/2 action
Built-In Vox Link
Built-In Magboots
Nutrient Recycling – two weeks without resupply
+10 to Awareness tests for Sight and Hearing
Fire Basic weapons one-handed without penalty
-10 to tests requiring delicate handling unless using Marine Equipment
With Helm, armour is environmentally sealed
Power Armour History
Skill of the Artificer: Cannibalized (S +25, AG-5 for Right Arm
Battle Scars – Trophies of Battle (BS +5 vs Kroot)

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The Armour of Proculus Castus

Proculus Castus was a veteran of the Ultramarines, seconded to the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach late in M35. After taking part in the Vanir Governor’s Palace Purge in 990, he was dispatched on a mission to investigate rumors of a xenos encroachment in the region of space now known as the Black Reef. After a series of minor engagements with what would later be identified as Kroot raiding kindreds, Castus’ team was shot down over a death world near the edge of that still-unexplored region.

Testimony from members of his team indicated that it was only through the selflessness of Castus that they were able to survive on that inhospitable world. Many times, his unswerving faith in the God-Emperor and his discipline regardless of circumstances prevented his squad-mates from succumbing to despair and hopelessness.

The moment of crises occurred when the team’s small camp was attacked by an unidentified beast, massive of stature, and as mighty as any spoken of in the annals of the Chapter. The beast slew two of the marine survivors in an instant, scattering the rest in panic. Only Castus stood his ground, taking up his blade and plunging into melee combat with the creature. For a full twenty minutes the two combatants struggled. In the end, the beast lay dead, but Castus himself was wounded terribly: his right arm torn from his body, along with dozens of lesser wounds.

Sensing the specter of death lingering near, Castus took an oath that, should he survive, he would devote his life fully to the God-Emperor. Miraculously, at just that moment, a landing craft bearing the search party dispatched from Erioch appeared in they sky above the camp. Castus spent almost six months under the mercies of auto-medicae and the apothecaries of Watchstation Skapula. Finally, he emerged, more or less whole, and immediately requested of the Reclusium the right to take the oath of the Chaplain. He would continue to serve the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach in that capacity for nearly a hundred years before finally returning to the Emperor in 083.M36.

When Castus assumed the mantle of Chaplain, the Forge Master of Skapula chose to rededicate his armor, believing it to have been baptized by the blood of the foe that nearly slew him. But the damage to the armor had been severe, and many of its components had to be replaced. Most difficult was locating a suitable right arm and shoulder plate, given the vastly limited resources available at that distant outpost. Ultimately, deep in the catacombs of the Watchstation, an arm was located. It was all that remained of a panoply more than ten thousand years old. How it came to be there, or what its provenance had been was any one’s guess, and it required all of the Forge Master’s art to convince the machine spirits of the two armors to cooperate together.

Despite his best efforts, though, the Forge Master could not fully erase the marks of that fateful battle. The blow that had robbed Castus of his arm had been delivered with such massive force that the talons of the alien beast had literally fused with the chest plate of his armor. Three ivory claws still, to this day, lie embedded in the chestplate, just below the protection of the newly-replaced shoulder guard. The three marines who have worn the armor since the death of Castus have all reported experiencing a dull, throbbing ache in the muscles below those talons, which could only find relief when the bearer was moving in the direction of the Black Reef.


Skill of the Artificer – Cannibalized
The Armour of Proculus Castus is a suit of Mark VII ""Aquila"" power armor with all systems intact. The right arm and shoulder plate, however, have been replaced by those from a suit of Mark III ""Iron"" armor. The AP value of that location is increased to 9, and the Enhanced Strength bonus when using only that arm is increased to +25. However, the armor itself weights 50 kilograms more than normal, and the added strain on the servos in that arm reduces the length of time that the on-board generatorium can function between recharging by 5 %. Furthermore, the larger size and reduced flexibility of those joints applies a -5 penalty to Agility Tests involving that arm.

Battle Scars – Trophies of Battle
The machine spirit of the Armour has a long memory, and it still remembers the xenomorph that inflicted such terrible wounds upon it. Should the wearer ever encounter a member of that alien species, the rage of the machine spirit will guide his hand, granting a +5 bonus to BS whenever targeting a member of that species.

Servius Marius Scaeva

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